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ZENthai shiatsu

A bodywork treatment that is influence by Zen Shiatsu, Thai Yoga Massage and osteopathic techniques, all braided together with the art of presence and focused intention.  The massage is on a futon on the floor, fully clothed in loose comfortable clothes & without oil.

1h    I     Female only     I     €90

1h 30min     I     Female only    I     €130


A breakthrough non-invasive natural therapy that delivers a 3-n-1 sensory treatment, consisting of compression, far-infrared heat and deep pressure therapy. It releases toxins and encourages the body’s self-healing mechanisms.

45min     I     €75


Private Yoga Session

Choose from a single session to work on something specific or reoccurring privates to move through the depths of the practice in the forms of asana, pranayama & meditation.

1h    I     private or semi private     I     €Tbd

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